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Born and bred in regional Geelong, Mick was a country lad with a competitive streak. From an early age Mick competed in BMX racing MICK MAGHERand in nearly a decade competed in and won several state and national titles. Living on a farm, motorbikes were an obvious passion but at around 16 years of age four wheels took precedence and Mick’s passion with Rally Cars began. When he moved away from the farm his motives also moved and he was soon involved with drag racing and rotary engines.

On a quiet Sunday one weekend Mick went four wheel driving socially with a friend and he was immediately hooked. Going fast over bumps in the bush was a taste he liked. Upon joining a local 4wd club and embarking on social club drives Mick was soon finding he was driving faster than the rest of the convoy and the competition scene was soon in his sights. In 2004 he walked into a Nissan dealership to pick up the keys to his brand new Turbo diesel GU patrol. Within months he was attending his first competition in his brand new pride and joy. The comp was tougher on the vehicle than he first thought and thus required a great deal of TLC. The first re-build was at just 12 months old. Mick’s imagination was running wild and with a blank canvas you could be assured the result would be artistic. With a “Do it once, do it well” attitude, Mick researched to find the best product to suit his requirements. Over the preceding 5 years and with experience and knowledge on his side, the vehicle has been a constant work in progress to get to where it is today.

Not being content with following, Mick has always been a leader and pushed innovation in his home, work and social life. Having a managerial mind set and being in supervisory roles throughout his career in demolition Mick is always at the forefront of anything he is involved with.


Also born and bred in Geelong, Daniel is Regarded by the racing Community and abroad as one of the top 4 navigators in the Danielcountry and was a motorsport enthusiast at birth. As a young kid Daniel was never without a Matchbox car in his hand. Through his teenage years many forms of motorsport were of interest but speedway became a passion. 
Upon gaining an apprenticeship at the Local Toyota dealer at just 16, Daniel found himself spending weekends in the bush with work colleges and at 17 purchased his first 4wd. Complete with ‘L’ plates attached, Daniel and his hilux were regular visitors to the Otway’s. With involvement in Offroad racing and as an official and competitor at state level and competing in Auto cross Daniel’s racing passion was fulfilled until he learnt of local 4wd navigation competitions. In his first competition, a first place trophy was brought home and a fixation was induced. Over the ensuing decade Daniel progressed in the sport competing in over 30 navigation competitions as driver or navigator, and several long course style events and winch challenges as a co-driver.

Throughout his career in the mechanical trade Daniel progressed to be a business owner and expanded 3 years ago into the 4wd industry. Well known amongst his peers as a ‘can do’ type of person his forward thinking, dedication and ambition takes him where he needs to go. Through his business acumen Daniel recognizes value, takes a challenge in his stride and has a competitive nature with a flamboyant edge.