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Magher Finished on a High

Date:26th November 2013| Category:News
Narva Racings Mick Magher and Daniel Hose finished their first season on a high, taking their V8 powered GU Patrol to equal first place in the Extreme 4WD Class in the inaugural four round ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series.

The 2013 season kicked off with a third in class at the 40th Anniversary Sea Lake Mallee Rally in Victoria, before the teams season was turned upside down at round 2 at Griffith after a major hit with a tree. Determined to make the Goondiwindi 400 in August, the Narva Racing team pulled out all stops to make the start line and finished the punishing 400km through the infamous Gundy melon holes to be rewarded with third in class, setting up the opportunity to strike for the class win at the final round at the Pines.

Heading into the final round of the series sitting second in their class, the Geelong based team pulled out all stops and embraced a never say die attitude at the Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro held at Millicent, South Australia to take the class win, which propelled the #882 Narva Racing team into equal first place in the Extreme 4WD category for the Series, alongside fellow Victorian Owen Ward in the #832 GQ Patrol.

“What a great way to finish the season. This was our first full season of offroad racing and to come out on top was fantasic.” said Mick Magher.

“The whole ARB Offroad Racing Series was filled with great racing amongst a great bunch of guys. It was a real lot of fun. Since making the switch to offroad racing I haven’t missed competing in the winch challenges once, I think that anyone who comes over from that scene and tries it will be hooked. Thanks to series sponsors like ARB, Narva and Cooper Tyres it offers a whole new level of professionalism and it is a Series which is really going places. I have been really impressed by everything to do with it and can’t wait for it to kick off again in 2014.”

The wide mix of terrain covered during the four round series proved to be the perfect testing ground for the GU Patrol’s equipment, from the rocks at Griffith, the flat out sections at Sea Lake and the Pines through to the torturous melon holes at Goondiwindi. From the suspension, through to the drive train and tyres, it all copped a punishing.

The track is an ever changing adversary, with the traffic lap after lap exposing nasty tree roots as it becomes carved up and rutted, and revealing some big sharp rocks that have been lurking just below the surface. But the Mickey Thompsons stood up to the punishment and never let us down. I really believe if we were on a lesser tyre we would have been cactus.” Said Mick Magher

“As a driver one of the highlights of the 2013 season would have to be the Dash for Cash at the Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro. The atmosphere was electric with the door to door racing, panels flying and the V8’s roaring. All in front of a huge crowd which jammed the fencelines for a glimpse.”

“The National 4x4 Show in Melbourne was another stand out event giving us a great opportunity to showcase offroad racing in the city. Most of our events are held in regional centres, so the closest many people have got to the sport is seeing us on TV. This put offroad racing on their doorstep and they could see us in action and what these trucks are capable of.” Said Mick Magher, driver of the #882 Narva GU Patrol

Planning for the 2014 offroad racing season has already begun. “Our current GU Patrol which was converted from winch challenge duties has served us very well this year, but we are looking forward to heading into the first round of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series with a new lighter weight Patrol developed specifically for the Extreme 4WD Class. If all goes to plan we may even slip the winch back in to ‘old faithful’ and go for a play in some of the winch comps again” said Mick with a smile.

Mick Magher and Daniel Hose would like to thank Narva, Mickey Thompson, AC Delco and Dirtcomp Magazine for their continued support in 2013.

Author: Randall Kilner
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