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Narva Racing is an evolution of Mick Magher Motorsport. With a strong history of racing and a string of outstanding results, Team Owner and Driver, Mick Magher states;

“There are 3 things that win races on dirt, Preparation, Preparation and Preparation. There is an old saying you win most of the races in the shed.”

Mick can be accused of having an attitude of, if there is only one way to do it and that is right. It’s this philosophy that caught the attention of an Australian Automotive ICON, Narva. They have a commitment to excellence, pride in their workmanship and a let’s get it done attitude.

With brand values and ideology matching, a partnership was born and hence the name Narva Racing.

The history of the team is an easy one, Mick started competing in winch style events. These are hell like events for a vehicle. Winching up crazy cliff faces, across mud sodden rivers and dodging gum trees at up to 200kmh. With the reduction in the number of events and no real national championship Mick decided to adapt the truck into an Extreme 4WD category racing truck and take on the AORC, the Australian Off Road Racing Championship.

In difference to Winch Trucking, the AORC is a racing event based on speed and endurance across outback type conditions including; Gravel, Sand, Mud and Rock. The series is more attractive for the team, as it is a high profile national racing series allowing the team to represent great value for the sponsors.

Each vehicle (apart from single seaters), is required to have a Navigator and a Driver and the person in the Navigation seat is Daniel Hose. Daniel is to a large extent responsible for the preparation of the Nissan Patrol through his company Rally Offroad in Mercer Street, Geelong.

Daniel is a local business entrepreneur and has a massive passion for Off Road Racing. With a strong history and superior mechanical knowledge, he is the perfect match for Mick in the race truck.

To learn more about the team see Mick’s profile here and Daniel’s  here

If you would like to be part of the Narva racing story, please feel welcome to Contact Us.