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15 Jun 2014

Sea Lake rollercoaster of Narva Racing

Mick Magher and Daniel Hose rode the rollercoaster only offroad racing can deliver in the #882 Narva Racing GU Patrol...   more

04 Jun 2014

Narva Racing refreshed and ready for Sea Lake

Mick Magher Motorsport and their V8 Narva Racing Extreme 4WD are refreshed and ready for action at Round 2 of...   more

Welcome to Mick Magher Motorsport

Welcome to the Mick Magher Motorsport website. The site is a journal of our journey through Winch Trucking and Off Road Racing.

The team started with Mick’s passion for motorsport, in particular racing on the dirt. From BMX in the early days to motorcycles, then rally cars, winch trucks and now Off Road Racing. This site is a place where you will be able to connect with the team, watch videos and tag along on a fuel enriched, high octane... more

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